Linda and Allan Hamid became breeders of purebred Andalusians in 1984. Linda Osterman Hamid, a graduate of Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., first fell in love with Andalusian horses while studying at the University of Madrid in 1965. Years later, she introduced her husband, Allan H. Hamid, to the breed with the Andalusian stallion Embajador IX.

Ardent admirers of the Spanish horse, the Hamids purchased the renowned Andalusian stallion Embajador IX, imported from Spain, and the beautiful mare Bandolera. Acclaimed for his superlative Spanish bloodlines, Embajador IX was one of the most important stallions brought to America to contribute his noble genes to produce outstanding Spanish horses in the United States. The first purebred colt of Hamid Hill Farm, Ltd. was Embajador XI, trained and exhibited in classical dressage by Bettina Drummond.

Of Hungarian descent, Allan Hamid had been instilled with an admiration for Baroque horses and a reverence for equestrian ideals. He reminisced about his youth: “My Great Uncle, Imre Foldes, an officer in the Austro/Hungarian Cavalry in World War I, had a strong influence on me. He shared his passion for riding and his experiences as a protégé of Field Marshall Franz Holbein of Holbeinsberg who wrote the ” Directives for Training Horse and Riders in the Spanish Court Riding School” in 1898, still in use today at the Spanish Riding School. I developed a great interest in European History and, as a university student pursued advanced studies in the field.”Embajador XI with Bettina Drummond

An avid horseman, educator, Harvard fellow and scholar, Allan combined his interests and did historical research on the extinct knight’s horse. Genetic studies confirmed his premise that blending the genes of the Andalusian and the Percheron would produce the phenotype of the medieval war-horse. Hamid Hill Farm, Ltd. began breeding these unique horses representing centuries of selective breeding.

In 1991 the Hamids founded the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. to record the pedigrees of the rare breed. The Hamids envisioned a high caliber competition horse, thus the motto” the war-horse of the ages as the sporthorse of today.” Breed registrar Linda Osterman Hamid states: “The Spanish-Norman is extremely versatile. Horses across the U.S. and Canada are competing in a variety of disciplines: dressage, jumping, driving, and cross-country.”

Owned by Hamid Hill Farm, Ltd. and sired by the late Embajador IX, the “Ambassador” of the Spanish-Norman breed is the magnificent stallion Romantico H.H.F.



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