© Photo by Bonnie KreitlerEmbajador IX
Imported from Spain
June 1969 – October 1995

“From his almost humanly expressive eye to the tip of his dark silken muzzle, Embajador IX’s head has an extra dimension of length to it. That characteristic, linked to his long ago Barb ancestors, makes him look as though he descended from an oil painting by Diego Velasquez handing at the Prado Museum in Madrid, just as much as from his biological parents, Hosco II and Embajadora.

The ancestral look of this shimmery white Terry stallion is explained by the fact that he is of the purest Carthusian strain, a grandson of Nevado III, who is considered one of the most important stallions in twentieth century Andalusian breeding.”

Robert Vavra
Robert Vavra’s Classic Book of Horses’



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