Breyer Model Horse

Embajador XI - Breyer Horse ModelHamid Hill Farm, Ltd., owned by Linda and Allan Hamid, is a breeding farm for Andalusian and Spanish-Norman horses located in Woodbury, Connecticut. The Hamid’s campaigned for some time to have the breed which they created, the Spanish-Norman, immortalized in plastic by Breyer Model Horses and Animal Creations.

Breyer Model HorsesThe result of their efforts paid off with a special run set, available from Toys R Us, and consisted of a Spanish-Norman family in classic scale. A rare and noble breed, the first Spanish-Normans were born in this country in 1987, although their ancestry dates back to Medieval times. Blending the genes of the Spanish Andalusians and the Percheron of France recreates the phenotype of the Medieval knight’s charger. Thus, the Spanish-Norman depicts “the warhorse of the ages as the sporthorse of today.”

Embajador XI, the second foundation sire for the Spanish-Norman breed, was selected by Breyer to represent the Andalusian breed worldwide as a named Breyer Horse Model. The likeness of the dapply-gray stallion, shown in a classical pose was re-created in a collector’s model.

Bettina Drummond & Embajador XIEmbajador XI was sired by the legendary Andalusian Embajador IX, who was imported from Spain, and unfortunately died last October at the age of twenty-six. This aged stallion was the foundation sire of the Spanish-Norman breed, thus the legacy of this rare breed is forever entwined with that of the Andalusian. His dam Bandolera, is celebrated as one of the most beautiful mare of the Andalusian breed.

An outstanding performance horse and stallion, Embajador XI is trained and exhibited in classical dressage by the gifted haute-ecole rider, Bettina Drummond, who is the sole écuyer in the United States licensed by the Nuno Oliveira Portuguese Riding School. Performing together, Bettina Drummond and Embajador XI, project an image of beauty, grace and harmony; the perfect combination of artistry, elegance and style, reflecting the principles of lightness and collection, important attributes of classical art.

On February 25, 1996, Stephanie Macejko, editor of Just About Horses, the Breyer Animal Creations publication for model horse enthusiasts, presented the 1996 Breyer model of the Andalusian stallion Embajador XI to his breeders, the Hamids. The ceremony was followed by a recrption given by his trainer Bettina Drummond.

Embajador XI, being true to his name, has become a rightful ambassador of the breed.