In Memory of

Allan H. Hamid


Allan H. HamidAllan H. Hamid, 63, of Woodbury, Connecticut, died peacefully on May 7, 2009, at Waterbury Hospital. A  memorial service took place June 14, 2009, at the North Congregational Church of Woodbury. He was the beloved husband of Linda Osterman Hamid.

An outstanding husband, educator, historian, horse breeder, avid equestrian and friend, Allan Hamid will be missed by a multitude of diverse people.

Mr. Hamid was born on January 14, 1946, in New York City. With his parents, Lillian and Arpad Hamid, he spoke Hungarian as a child and, proud of his Hungarian ancestry, visited Budapest as an adult.

He received a B.A. from Thiel College, an M.A. degree from Southern Connecticut State University and studied a year at the University of Ghana, Africa. The recipient of Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History grants, he studied at Amherst College and Yale University. A scholar of the civil rights movement, Mr. Hamid was a Harvard University Fellow in 2001 and was also honored with grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

An outstanding educator, Mr. Hamid taught social studies and AP U.S. history for 36 years at Fox Lane High School in Bedford, NY. There he met his wife, a Spanish teacher for 20 years. The couple enjoyed taking Spanish Club members on trips to Spain.

Mr. Hamid established the Dynamic Youth Council to promote scholarship, leadership and cultural enrichment opportunities for minority students. His goal was to celebrate the rich cultural diversity at Fox Lane. Students awarded Mr. Hamid the yearbook dedication three times and remembered him for his unique sense of humor, compassion and enthusiasm. His boisterous, hearty laugh was legendary!

Allan H. Hamid and the Andalusian stallion, Embajador IXHorses were Mr. Hamid’s greatest passion. Combining his wife’s love of Spain and his for magnificent horses, in the 1980’s he bred  purebred Andalusians with his stallion, Embajador IX, imported from Spain. In 1991, the Hamids established the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. Blending the genes of the Andalusian and the Percheron of France, the Hamids co-founded the rare breed, a genetic and historical recreation of the medieval knight’s horse.

The Spanish-Norman ‘Breed Ambassador,’ is Hamid Hill Farm’s acclaimed exhibition stallion, Romantico H.H.F., winner of a United States Equestrian Team ribbon and immortalized in porcelain as a Breyer horse model. The 17 years of pleasure and rapport between Allan and Romantico gave him tremendous joy.

Mr. Hamid was a member of the First Congregational Church of Woodbury for 34 years. Proud of his own Sephardic background and interested in other religions, he participated in the Faith and Justice series.

Allan H. Hamid will be remembered by decades of former students, community members, faithful friends and fellow horse aficionados.