Last month, it was my pleasure to welcome to Connecticut
Spanish-Norman breeder, Isabella Neukirchen-John, from Germany.

Isabella and her charming mother Alyssa were on a three-week trip to visit relatives in Wisconsin and Toronto, Canada. I was truly honored that Isabella had planned an overnight stay at the historic Curtis House Inn here in Woodbury, CT.

Linda Osterman-Hamidm, Registrar (left) and Isabella Neukirchen-John, Spanish-Norman Breeder from GermanyIt was the perfect opportunity for Isabella to personally pick up the registration certificate for her latest, second-generation Spanish-Norman filly, Duna Dagaz Herian, foaled on March 31, 2016 at her farm, Gestut Herian, in Gross Dratow, located between Berlin and the East Coast. Duna’s dam, Bengala Germanika F., sired by Orgulloso XL, was purchased from Katarina Fehring of Spanish-Norman Gestut Germanika. Duna’s sire was Beso de Cisne, owned by Ina Ferl of Cortijo Las Hadas.

Spanish-Norman breeder, Isabella Neukirchen-John, from GermanyIsabella and husband Rainer now have six Spanish-Normans on their vast property bordering a beautiful National Park and are looking forward to increasing their breeding program. They are both very active in medieval performances and sword fighting.

Lucky for me, Isabella’s English is excellent! Isabella, her mother and I enjoyed a leisurely luncheon on a restaurant terrace, overlooking a golf course, then spent a delightful afternoon looking at magnificent photos of all Isabella’s horses and medieval endeavors. I look forward to Isabella sharing her photos with all on our website.

We shared a champagne toast to the newest foal and also to our new-found friendship, fostered by our mutual admiration and love of Spanish-Norman horses.

To Isabella, I extend warmest wishes for great success and happy times with her Spanish-Norman horses.
Linda Osterman-Hamid