Mission Statement

In 1990 Linda and Allan Hamid co-founded the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. to establish a modern horse breed to be called the Spanish-Norman, a genetic and historical re-creation of the medieval warhorse of Europe.The goal was to record the pedigrees and issue registration certificates on these horses which combined the genes of the Andalusian of Spain and the Percheron of France.

The role of the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. is to maintain a list of approved Andalusian and Lusitano Foundation Sires (registered in the U.S. or Spain) and to accept the documentation of purebred Percheron mares (registered in the U.S. Canada or France) in order to issue regisrration certificates and ensure the integrity of the Spanish-Norman breed.

The Spanish-Nornman Horse Registry, Inc. encourages owners to compete their versatile sporthorses in a variety of disciplines and awards an annual, high-point trophy to the most outstanding horse.

The Registry maintains an official website, a presence on Facebook and YouTube, and advertises in equine publications to introduce the Spanish-Norman horses to an international audience.  Articles, brochures and a DVD are also made available to the public.