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The holiday season is a time we always think of our many blessings… this year more than ever. We are thankful for family, friends, health and our country. Another joy is the Spanish-Norman horse! Allan and I are celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc.

The noble Spanish-Norman horse has captured the imagination and admiration of horse people around the world. We’re pleased with the breed’s acclaim and the success of individual Spanish-Normans, including our own beloved stallion Romántico H.H.F. Even more important – we have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people who share our passion for the Spanish-Norman horse.

Sue Gordon Our website administrator Sue Gordon is a rare jewel and outstanding ambassador of the breed. I feel I’ve known her forever! Allan and I are very thankful for her initiatives and contributions. Sue encouraged us to establish a website for the Registry and is solely responsible for creating an impressive to spotlight the breed. We’ve had numerous compliments. Kudos to Sue. Allan and I are truly grateful for all her efforts on behalf of the Spanish-Norman. We’re thrilled Sue chose to become a Spanish-Norman owner and breeder. She owns the lovely, two-year old filly, Elixir’s Gabriella and is anxiously awaiting the arrival of two Spanish-Norman foals in early 2002. Our warmest wishes to Sue and husband Ken for a great future with their Spanish-Norman breeding program.

Our heartiest congratulations go to the proud new breeders and owners of Spanish-Norman foals in Saskatchewan, Canada. Partners Bernice Parker and Allan Steer recently registered six fillies and four colts, all sired by Bernice’s Andalusian stallion Aliantro GA. One filly, Odessey, was immediately sold to Joann Zatylny of Raymore, Canada. In a phone call, Bernice told me several foals are headed across the border to their new owners in several U.S. states. Bernice hopes to keep one or two foals, so she’ll have a Spanish-Norman to exhibit and promote the breed in Canada. Well known, Canadian Percheron breeder, Walter Bayliss also registered his new Spanish-Norman colt Romulus. We wish our neighbors to the north great success with their Spanish-Normans.

The Spanish-Norman horse is making a fabulous impression in a European country – France. Congratulations to Marian Apfelbaum of Paris, France on the purchase of Againcourt H.H.F. It was my pleasure to issue the transfer of ownership certificate on the seven-year-old, Spanish-Norman gelding sired by Hamid Hill Farm’s Andalusian stallion, the late Embajador IX. Againcourt H.H.F. has been in France for several years representing the Spanish-Norman breed in a country of its ancestry. A versatile ambassador of the breed, Agincourt H.H.F. is at home in the dressage ring as well as on the hunt field.

I enjoyed a nice chat on the phone with Rowena Andrews of Moreland, Georgia. She bought the Spanish-Norman mare HHF Desdenosa Q from W.H. and Gail Quattlebaum of Carrollton, Georgia. This sweet, lovely mare was sired by High Hope Farm’s Andalusian stallion, the late Crown S. Callado. Desdy, as they call her, is starting her driving career and is a delight to all. Rowena sent a cute photo of herself driving Desdy and sharing the fun with her sister-in-law Jean Tarvin last August. She’s going to send more photos later.

It was good to hear from Julie Doll of Michigan again, after a couple years. She reports she’s schooling Fourth Level with her Infante T gelding, Danza del Dragon, and they’re looking forward to the dressage shows in the spring. We wish them good luck next season.

Allan and I always enjoy watching Spanish-Normans perform, so we were pleased when Joanne Fiola of Tiverton, Rhode Island invited us to attend the Grand Fall Classic Horse Show, September 20-23 at the Westbrook Hunt Club in Westbrook, Connecticut. It was the perfect opportunity to finally meet Joanne in person and see Guerrero again after many years. Joanne purchased Guerrero (show name Sir Norman of Tivorton) and Vivaracho from Spanish-Norman breeder Anthony Pagano of South Salem, New York. Both geldings were sired by the late Embajador IX. We spent a Saturday afternoon at the show and saw 17 hand Sir Norman win two second place ribbons in his two classes. It was an exciting jump course and amazing to see his speed and agility in the high training jumper division. Trainer John Blair praises Sir Norman’s mind and ability and is duly impressed with the Spanish-Norman breed in general.

I could go on and on. Several other Spanish-Norman owners have given us glowing reports of their horses. But, I’ll save their comments ’til the next newsletter.

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Foundation Sires

As of December 2001, we now have 86 purebred Andalusian stallions registered as foundation sires with the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. New stallions are:


Bill and April Joga
Wild Wind Andalusians
Black Diamond, Washington


Attention Foundation Sire Owners:
We will gladly provide a link from our website to yours. All you have to do is let us know!

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