Today I am extending greetings to you in Spanish, French, German and Polish: the native languages of countries where the Spanish-Norman has recently generated interest and enthusiasm. The Spanish-Norman horse is gaining an international audience of aficionados!

In May the German horse publication CAVALLO, with a wide distribution in Scandinavia and many other European countries, spotlighted the Spanish-Norman in an article with two color photos. As a result of the magazine feature, I received a phone call from Horst and Katharina Fehring of Stade, Germany. Luckily for me, they both speak English very well, and I have since enjoyed many conversations with them.

The charming couple was captivated by the Spanish-Norman breed. Proud owners of an Andalusian stallion, imported from Spain, the Fehrings asked if they could become breeders of Spanish-Normans in Germany using their PRE stallion from Andalusia, Orgulloso XL as foundation sire. They sent his pedigree and beautiful photos of their champion stallion, a bronze medal winner in the Campeonato de Alemania Norte del Caballo de Pura Raza Espanola. The Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. is pleased to welcome Orgulloso XL, from the breeding farm of Escobar Barrilaro de Sevilla, as our newest foundation sire.

Next, the Fehrings began their quest for the perfect Percheron mare. Mais oui, in France they located a lovely, seven-year-old, gray, a champion mare of Normandy in the year 2000. I received a copy of the registration certificate for Helva de Fauveliere from the Societe Hippique Percheronne de France. Helva arrived safely in Germany and will soon be bred to Orgulloso XL. Our warmest wishes go to the Fehrings for much success and pleasure with their Spanish-Norman breeding program in Germany.

Katarzyna Fehring is from Poland originally, and she told me that the major horse publication in Poland is doing an article in the August issue about her as a Polish woman, breeding rare Spanish-Normans in Germany, using her Spanish stallion and French mare to re-create the medieval knight’s horse which will be registered as a Spanish-Norman in the U.S.A.! We look forward to an English translation of that article!

Elvis0702-6Another exciting event for the Registry, and me, as Registrar, is the recent issuance of a certificate of registration for the first Spanish-Norman, sired by a Lusitano. Congratulations to owner/breeder Alison Head of Looking Glass Farm, Hamilton, Virginia, on the Spanish-Norman colt Eldorado LGF, sired by the Portuguese stallion Calhambeque, out of the Percheron mare Jane’s Emblem Janet. The accomplished dressage horse Calhambeque shows successfully at Intermediare I and II and is owned by William and Dianne Boyd of Mt. Gilead Lusitanos, Leesburg, Virginia. A warm welcome to Eldorado LGF or ‘Elvis,’ as they call him.

Spanish-Norman mare Mantilla TCVIt’s always such fun to meet Spanish-Norman owners in person – especially after already knowing all about their wonderful horses. Allan and I enjoyed meeting Judy Cardella and her husband David of Amber Sky Stables, Colts Neck, New Jersey. We’re big fans of Judy’s gorgeous, black mare Mantilla TCV, sired by Maestro. Judy has been taking dressage lessons four days a week, and Mantilla TCV has been making phenomenal progress with her trainer Gail Osterlund. Judy has been submitting Mantilla and Gail’s winning scores from dressage shows for the Spanish-Norman high point award. There is good competition going for the year 2002 trophy.

Good luck to Mantilla TCV and all the strong performance competitors. The Spanish-Norman is proving itself in a number of disciplines and impressing the crowds with special exhibitions at horse expos.

KobyDanDaniel Woehrmann with his “dressage partner” emailed with an update on her husband’s, four-year-old, Spanish-Norman, Koby Doblado, (Alipaz x Oakstone Lacy.) She took some photos on June 29, the day her husband Daniel rode Koby in a clinic with Frank Grelo. Kathie writes: “Koby is a tremendous horse, and they are a wonderful pair.

Petra and SoldadoPetra Sherman of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, sent us some delightful photos of Soldado H.H.F. and a video clip that is the embodiment of harmony, unity and love and respect between horse and rider.

Men do rave about the Spanish-Norman as a horse of substance, great presence, athletic ability and outstanding temperament. My husband Allan is always in a fantastic mood after riding his stallion, Romántico H.H.F.

Our website administrator Sue Gordon and husband Ken were blessed this season with the arrival of two fabulous Spanish-Norman colts who have already proven to be wonderful representatives of the breed.

On January 27, the Percheron mare Blair (Dolly) produced a black colt, sired by Serenity Acres Andalusian Elixir TG. The colt’s flirtatious manner earned him the Spanish name ‘El Coquetón.’ One darling photo taken by Sue and sent over the Internet caught the attention of the well-known artist Susan von Borstel.

Susan was inspired to paint a beautiful winter scene of EL Coquetón (See Below) with an oat straw in his mouth, with him glancing back at a cardinal on his rump. El Coquetón won praise from his veterinarian who evaluated him as a “tough athlete, a warhorse with the heart and strength to be an exceptional event horse.”

The Gordon’s second colt was born Easter Sunday, out of the Percheron dam Jessica Lavon and by the Andalusian sire, Majorio II of Avalon Farms. Also a romantic type, the gray colt was named Novarro. Sue reports: “He’s an elegant mover, almost a ‘dancer’ with high action. He’s a ‘talker’ and whinnies and nickers constantly.” Both geldings have unique personalities and are excellent representatives of the Spanish-Norman breed.

The July issue of the Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar featured the Baroque breeds. With kind permission of the publisher, we will reprint the Spanish-Norman section. That’s all from me for now!