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Embajador IX Embajador XI  |  Romántico H.H.F.




Spanish-Norman stallion, sired by the
Andalusian stallion Embajador IX

Invited to compete at the United States Equestrian Team ‘Festival of Champions’, June 21-25, 2000, hosting the United States’ elite equestrian athletes in the sport’s highest level of competition.


Romántico H.H.F. and his trainer Garry McAllister were invited to compete in the USET Reining Invitational Freestyle, June 24th at 1:30 p.m.

Although Romántico H.H.F. and his trainer Garry McAllister did not beat the best reining horses in the country, they were definitely at the top in receiving audience appreciation.

The huge crowd was thunderous in applause for the pair in medieval armor performing to Elton John’s song ‘The Trail We Blaze’ which, for us, symbolized both Reining and the Spanish-Norman entering the world of international competition. The beautiful, green 6th place United States Equestrian Team ribbon is a treasure. USET Festival of ChampionsWe were most impressed with the wonderful, warm welcome we received from both the USET Directors and the President of the National Reining Horse Association. Both thanked us more than once for bringing Romántico H.H.F. to the ‘Festival of Champions.’ Of course, we said we were honored to be invited.

We want to congratulate the N.R.H.A. and the USET for all their achievements on Reining’s acceptance by the F.E.I. as an Olympic sport. Reining is currently the only western discipline approved by the F.E.I. as an Olympic sport.


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