Spanish-Norman Mare
La Desperada’s Estrella Bella

Owned by: Bobbie Newton; Sedona, Arizona

Linda and Allan Hamid, and the Spanish-Norman Horse Registry, Inc. extend warm congratulations┬áto Bobbie Newton of Dos Desperados Ranch in Sedona, Arizona for exhibiting her Spanish-Norman filly ‘Bella’ at EqWest in Del Mar, California, November 17-19, 2000.

Bobbie and ‘Bella’ were wonderful ambassadors of the Spanish-Norman breed. ‘Bella’ is the shortened version of’La Desperada’s Estrella Bella.’

EqWest was the seventeen-month old filly’s first time away from home and in the public eye. The crowds were impressed with the great temperament of this bay beauty, sired by the Andalusian Bravio. Proud owner Bobbie and ‘Bella’ looked stunning in their Spanish attire at their daily, in-hand demonstrations.

Bobbie and Bravio’s owner Suzan Sommer, of Sommer Ranch in Acton, California shared a colorful booth in the Iberian Pavilion and displayed Andalusian and Spanish-Norman photos and information.

Now, thanks to Bobbie and ‘Bella’, there are many new Spanish-Norman aficionados on the West Coast!