Hamid HIll Farm


Bettina Drummond and Embajdor XILoved and was loved. Not an incandescent light, not a comet’s tail of tarnished wealth, full of flash and nothing more.

Just a steady flame whose unseen warmth found it’s life in the sweetness of your face.

Not a child of might, not a wave of pent up rage, full of power and nothing else. Just a loving will whose careful grace placed each step for pleasure’s sake.

Bettina Drummond and Embajador XIAll the love in truth birth joy, it is a wisdom some may know. When God remands your soul, pure of soil, into the night each child must go.

The music stopped, my heart has heard it’s call, but in your very nature it finds it’s notes, so on it plays.

Little horse to some, great heart to all. The friend is gone, but the loving stays.

Bettina Drummond to Embajador XI

Classic Andalusian Stallion
1988 – 2000

“The saddest sound in the world is the last heartbeat.”