Hamid HIll Farm

From the beginning, March 27, 1992, when the new-born foal was picked up in his proud breeder’s arms, the feisty, Spanish-Norman colt was destined for greatness.

Allan Hamid had eagerly awaited the arrival of the foal, sired by Hamid Hill Farm’s illustrious Andalusian stallion, Embajador IX, imported from Spain. The foal was actually born in Bridgewater, Connecticut, where his sire and dam were located at the time, at the magnificent, private facility of the late Mike Nichols.

Linda named the foal, Romantico H.H.F. Her inspiration was the colt’s heritage: Spain – Linda’s beloved, second-best country, from his Spanish sire and her favorite flower and bridal bouquet from his Percheron dam named Gardenia. What could be more romantic?

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